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Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses Right Now

This year, small businesses need our help more than ever. With the pandemic putting up major roadblocks for biz, these companies have had to pivot and try new things in order to keep working. With the holiday season upon us, finding ways to support small businesses is so important and might determine whether they survive or not.

easy ways to support small businesses
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

So, what are some of the ways to support small businesses? Well, of course, we immediately think of purchasing products but this isn’t an option for everyone! There are also tons of great ways to send some love without spending money. Buy within your means and help out in other ways if you can!

Easy ways to support small businesses

  • Buy from small biz where you can – there are SO many incredible gifting options or alternatives to things you already use! Most storefront businesses are offering curbside pickup + delivery to make things easier if you aren’t comfortable shopping in store.
  • Share, save + engage on social media – Follow your fave small businesses, engage with their posts and share anything you find interesting!
  • Order takeout – if dine-in service isn’t available or you aren’t comfortable eating in a restaurant right now, order takeout! If possible, order directly from the restaurant – many of the delivery services take a decent % which the restaurants lose.
  • Subscribe to newsletters – it’s a great way to stay up to date and helps in the long run if you aren’t able to support financially right now! You’ll be kept up do date on new launches, specials and events for the future.
  • Buy gift cards for gifts or later use – this is a great way to support restaurants + stores that are locked down right now especially! Purchasing a gift card puts $ in their pockets right now and they make great gifts.
  • Leave a review for biz you love – this is a great way for them to get seen! Leave reviews on different websites like Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor. These reviews let people searching online find them and the positive reviews leave a better first impression.
  • Share with friends + family – find a store, biz or restaurant they’ll love? Let them know!
  • Donate your expertise – Offer up skill-based services that can help if you have time, like photography, design, marketing or anything else that helps!

easy ways to support small businesses this holiday season

There are so many different ways to support small businesses right now, financially or otherwise! Take a few minutes right now and leave a review for a company you love – they’ll appreciate it. Some of these only take a few minutes – what are you waiting for?

easy ways to support small businesses right now