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Weekend Sippers | Boozy + Not-so-Boozy Bevvies to Enjoy Now!

Ahhhh, May 24 is here at last! For my non-Canadian friends, consider this weekend the unnofficial kickoff to summer that we’ve all been waiting for. This May long weekend may be a little on the quieter side once again but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself at home, especially if the water cooperates. I, for one, will be relaxing, trying not to let work get in the way, and living my best long weekend life. This includes having some tasty beverages at hand to enjoy, both boozy and non. I wanted to share some of the long weekend sippers that I’ll be reaching for this weekend.

Light + refreshing:
These have become favourites of mine lately! Bangarang hard seltzers (my faves: pink lemonade and blue raspberry), Nude vodka soda (I love peach and raspberry lemon) Sapsucker sparkling vodka tree water (also check out their non-alc sparkling tree water bc it’s fantastic) are super refreshing and on the lighter side with some fizz!

Sweet + flavourful:
Jawdrop Cocktails have long been a fave of mine – we’ll usually grab a few when we make a trip to the LCBO. I usually reach for Tickling Pink and Mick loves Squirting Oranges.
I’m a big fan of Founder’s Original Grapefruit Palomas, my fave of their bar quality cocktails with a lot of love behind them. Citrusy with the perfect hint of sweetness, it tastes like summer! Don’t sleep on their Gin Bramble.
If you like sweetness without the sugar, check out Lemon Life Hard Seltzer. With 1g of sugar and four flavours (lemon, strawberry, mango and pineapple), these are a fun option!

a cooler full of iced cold drinks - long weekend sippers

Drinkable Brews:
Bring on the ?! This weekend I’ll be reaching for two new additions to the Wayne Gretzky Estates ? lineup, their Hazy Pilsner + Hazy IPA.

Remedy Drinks kombucha has been in heavy rotation in our fridge and it makes for a great non-alcoholic refresher, especially with all their delish flavours! Available in bottles + cans, they have lots of flavour and fizz to keep you happy.
Spearhead Brewing Company‘s new botanical water, Akwa, is great for fizzy refreshment. This sparkling water is infused with hops and is super light – love the tall can packaging too!
Skip the fizz with Flow!These boxed, lightly flavoured waters (water? Eh, it’s Friday evening, I’ve mentally checked out) come in delicious options like the blood orange version seen here, which is collagen-infused.

What will you be sipping on this weekend?

Disclaimer: Some products mentioned in this post were gifted PR sample, but as always opinions ore 100% my own!