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Grazing Lunch Plate | Super Easy and Tasty Lunch Idea

What do you usually have for lunch? I’ve been trying to get better at taking lunch breaks – not always easy when you work from home – and I’ve been trying to change things up now and then. I’ve been loving these grazing lunch plates lately. They’re easy to put together and are perfect for a mid-day break, plus you can change them up regularly to keep things from getting boring! I’m sharing a few of the things that I like putting on mine. Grab a plate and throw one together for your next lunch.

grazing lunch plate with vegetables, hummus, grapes, cheese and crackers

Grazing lunch plate ideas

  • Veggie slices! Carrots, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes – pick your faves and add them on!
  • Hummus + naan – I love adding hummus (this time I’m using Summer Fresh’s salt and vinegar hummus!) and some flatbread to go with it.
  • Nuts – I’m a big fan of tasty lil’ cashews and almonds on my plate for a little crunch.
  • Mini charcuterie – aka lunchables for adults. Cheese, crackers + cured meats are always a win for me, any time of the day.
  • Hard-boiled eggs (which I conveniently forgot to put on the plate, of course). Top them with some everything bagel season and you’re golden.
  • Fruit! I’ll usually add some berries or grapes and will definitely be reaching for lots of local fruit this summer – one of the perks of living near lots of local farms! If you have the chance, hit up your local farmers’ markets + vendors for the freshest Ontario produce out there. It’s worth it!
  • Olives. This one isn’t for me but I know it’s a total win for many of you!

What else makes for your perfect grazing lunch plate? Let me know what else you would add in the comments below!

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