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My Fave Niagara-Region Wineries to Visit Now

If you’re a wine lover like me (and you live in the Toronto area) you’ve likely made your way out to check out some of our province’s incredible wineries! Living a quick drive from the biggest wine regions in the province definitely has its perks; I’ve been able to discover a ton of Ontario wineries and they do not disappoint. I’m slowly working through my goal of visiting all of them! There’s never been a better time to support local and I’m sharing my fave Niagara-region wineries to visit – add some to your list and check them off with me! Fall makes for the perfect time to discover these; don’t forget to keep an eye out for roadside stands while you do so to pick up some incredible seasonal, local produce as well!

lady wearing a purple dress standing in a vineyard. niagara region wineries to visit now - lakeview wine co
A visit to Lakeview Wine Co.

During the warmer months, there’s nothing I love more than sitting in a vineyard enjoying a wine tasting and I hope this list can help you find somewhere new to visit. I’ve also mentioned some of my favourite wines from each spot – give them a try and let me know what you think!

My Fave Niagara-Region Wineries to Visit

NOMAD at Hinterbrook (my ? pick: 2020 Franc Blanc) – I stumbled across NOMAD at Hinterbrook last week while doing some wine tastings and I fell head. over. heels. The winery prides itself on its sustainable updates (and will continue to work on improving even more) and THE WINE IS FANTASTIC. Sip on the 2020 Franc Blanc and your mouth will be in for one hell of a treat. One of the coolest things about this winery is that it’s owned by a married couple who really come together to create something special; the wife, Violet Yeh, is a seasoned winemaker and her husband, proprietor + artist George Lau, puts their own special touch on their wine, creating the beautiful art seen on their labels. Trust me, this one is worth a visit.
♡ Kew Vineyards (current ?of choice: 2017 Rosalie) – this smaller vineyard has very quickly become a favourite of mine over the past year and a half. This winery is stunning, housed in a beautiful home built by the late William Kew. Stop by for the ?, stay for the atmosphere, lovely lil cheese plate + fun wine-centric accessories.
♡ Small Talk (?: this one might be a little funny, but I have to throw it to their Salted Caramel Cider) – I loveeee Small Talk! I first discovered them a few years back while on a wine tour and they’ve been at the top of my list since. The winery is super cute, I love their cheeky attitude + you get a double whammy when you visit – they also make Shiny Apple Cider. Make sure you try some of their seasonal ciders when you stop by; they’re incredible.
♡ Trius (?: Trius Red, Brut + Rosé) – Trius is such a great place to stop by when you’re in the area. The wine is fantastic and they have one of the most fun + immersive wine tours running.

Wayne Gretzky Estates ( ? : No.99 Collection Rosé): After a visit to Trius, head next door to Wayne Gretzky Estates for some more vino + whisky tastings (oh, and their Cream Liquor is perfect for those Canadian winters)! They’ve done an amazing job of updating their space to make it a real destination, with a beer garden and hut, skating rink (who doesn’t want to head out on The Great One’s rink?), whisky bar and more to check out while there.
♡ Rosewood Estates Winery (?: Gewcci) – Rosewood combines two things that I love: wine + honey ​? The wine + mead are great and I love the fact that beekeeping is also a very big part of what they do. Their honey is AMAZING. The space is stunning (see below). Must. Visit.

rosewood wine co - property
How stunning is Rosewood Estates?

♡ Creekside wine (?: Laura’s Red) – Their space is gorgeous, from the moment you walk up to the front door to when you have a seat on their back patio. The winemakers have fun with their craft, creating really interesting experimental blends that only come out in small runs. As a bonus, they’re also the home of Rood Apple cider.
♡ 13th Street Winery (?: Burger Blend – one of my fave local wines with a great price tag): the wine is great, the butter tarts might be the best you’ll ever have + they have incredible art installations on display. If you can, visit during the week; this winery is a major hotspot and gets pretty busy on weekends (though I’ll say waiting 15 minutes to get into the shop is worth it!).
♡ Twi Sisters Vineyards (?: 2015 Cabernet Franc + 2019 Margo) – want a taste of Italy in Niagara? This is the spot for you. The wine is *chef’s kiss*

♡ Ridge Road Estates ( ?: Pink Bubbles): Another newer favourite (which might also be assisted by the fact that it’s only a ten minute drive from my house), Ridge Road is located on a beautiful property on the escarpment with a super blue man-made pond; if you have good timing, you’ll be able to snag the Muskoka chairs on the deck! I’ve been back a few times since discovering it this past summer and will definitely be continuing to visit. Check in with them for special events. They always have something fun on the go but make sure you save your spot early!

ridge road winery
A tasting at Ridge Road Estates

What other Niagara region wineries do you enjoy visiting?